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A few weeks’ ago, we gave all the moms that follow us a little Mother’s Day gift in the shape of some tips on how to be a fit and healthy mom. We know that dads can sometimes feel left out and around here we want everyone to feel equal. Here is our Father’s Day gift to you: advice for you so you can become the fittest, happiest, healthiest dad around.

Men can sometimes ignore symptoms of bad physical or emotional health. Women are far more likely to visit a physician or specialist if they believe they may be unwell. Some reports state that women are one hundred percent more likely to seek medical care than a man. It looks like men really do need some advice on how to stay healthy.

Men & Physical Health

In their younger days, many men stayed fit and healthy by playing sport. However, as they get older the opportunities to partake in a game of football or basketball become scarce. Everyday life and family tends to get in the way as do injuries and decreasing level of stamina for playing very physical games. Many men will fall victim to the cursed Middle Aged Spread – and often well before middle age. If you are a younger father, you can help prevent middle aged spread by continuing to find time in your calendar each week to play sport or exercise alone or in the gym. If you feel guilty about spending more time away from your family, you could encourage your kids to play a sport with you. If a child sees you enjoying your physical exercise, they will be more likely to keep up the healthy habit as the get older too.

Men & Mental Health

Men often misunderstand their mental health needs. It kind of sounds like a cliché but a feeling that he must maintain a strong macho man exterior often prevents men from owning up to their stress, anxiety, depression or unhappiness. Talking about your feelings is not un-masculine and it will not make a man effeminate. In order to be the best possible father you can be, you need to be open and honest with yourself and seek help if needed. Many men don’t even realize that the symptoms they are feeling are mental health issues. If you are a dad who wants to give himself a Father’s Day present this year, try to take time each week to check in with your mental wellbeing. Being a father can be hard work at times and you are required to be an emotional support to your children. If you are more in touch with your own state of mind, the stronger the level of support your offer to your kids will be.

Men & Diet

Compared to many women, men seem to have a voracious, almost insatiable appetite. As the average man is larger than the average woman and requires more calories on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that sometimes men seem to eat everything around them. The aforementioned middle aged spread and the beer belly are big concerns for many men as they age. A man’s metabolism will start to slowdown during their late twenties so their ability to handle that voracious appetite of theirs becomes more difficult. When it comes to what they feed their bodies with, men are not as conscious or as aware as women of the nutritional value of their food. There may also be a psychological factor as to why men favor certain “manly” foods like red meat, beer, chips, fries and other fatty items. Kids look up to their daddies and they like to copy what the main man in their life does. If your children see you eating a healthy diet, it will be normal for them and they will be more willing to try healthier foods. Fathers and men in general could also take some advice from the women in their life and mimic their eating habits by loading up on fruits and veggies, snacking less and eating smaller portion sizes.

We’ll allow you to take Father’s Day as an off-day but if you are a dad who needs to shape up a bit, consider this Father’s Day to be the stepping stone on your way to becoming a fit, healthy and happy dad for your children.

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